Medalion cu simbolul OM – AUM

Argint 925/000, 3/2 cm, pret 80 de lei.

Model 2
Argint 925/000, 3,2cm, pret 120 de lei.


Model 3
Argint 925/000, 32/28mm, pret 100 de lei
Alte detalii privind programul magazinului si contact gasiti in sectiunea About.

26 thoughts on “Medalion cu simbolul OM – AUM

  1. Hello!!
    As we have been doing seminar’s and workshops and private consultation with about 500 Romanians, I have had the opportunity to see your pieces around many a proud neck!! It was your clients that told me about you with positivity, got me to your website, and today I am coming to your store in the afternoon!! I do want to make sure you have silver or gold chains for sale as the one to my silver pendant broke and is unable to be fixed. Do you have them in stock today for purchase? Also, since it is a 1/2 an hour to your center of Bucherest location, I also want to make sure you have the double Merkaba in stock with the circles? I am a Sacred Circle Dancer and many times when I dance Sacred Geometry, I see around me what you have rendered in physical form. I appreciate that you have created them!!
    I will be in and out today packing as we leave for the AV Community and the mts of Romania, 6 hours N of us. I do look forward to your response before 15:30 as we will be leaving for your store at that time.
    With warm ragards, Jan

  2. Exista posibilitatea de a gasi Modelul Nr. 2 al acestui pandantiv dar la un diametru mai mic ? Sa nu depaseasca 2,3 Cm.
    Cam cat o moneda de 50 de bani care are 23,75 mm in diametru si pentru mine si este destul de ok.
    Multumesc anticipat.

  3. Buna !
    as fi interesata de primul colier ?
    aveti in stoc sau cum putem lua legatura?
    va mulltumesc

    1. @ Iulia Oprisor
      Va raspundem pe adresa de e-mail, va rugam verificati-va casuta postala, inclusiv SPAM-ul.

  4. Buna ziua!
    Imi place foarte mult modelul 2 al acestui pandativ, insa este prea mare pentru mine. Se poate realiza un astfel de pandativ cu diametrul 1,5 – 2 cm?
    Am mult argint, din lantisoare rupte si cercei desperecheati si bijuterii care mi-au fost daruite dar nu-mi plac. Credeti ca pot sa fac ceva cu el?
    Multumesc anticipat pentru raspuns!

    1. @Marian
      Veti primi adresa magazinului via e-mail sau vi-l putem expedia cu Posta Romana – cum va este mai la-ndemana.

    1. @Liliana Brotea
      Va raspundem pe adresa de e-mail, va rugam verificati-va casuta postala, inclusiv SPAM-ul.

  5. doresc: 1. o ansa + raportor (40 lei)
    2.medalion cu simbolul OM – AUM model 2 (120 lei)

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